How to Market for a New Age of Consumers: Tenet #1


Empathy should be the foundation of all marketing approaches. It is your greatest asset. What empathy means is entering the minds and hearts of your target market and discovering what they truly care about and need. It is also feeling them as part of an integrated whole - it is not you on this side of the line and your target market on the other, but both of you co-existing in a large, unified system, like organs in a body. Deep empathy is knowing that your customers are a part of you. You would never hurt them, cheat them, or abuse them. 

Click here for a great exercise to develop empathy and its corollary, loving-kindness. Learning this is not just about being moral, although that is something important in and of itself; it also strengthens your flexibility of mind, allowing you to shift perspectives and more easily meet your customers' yearnings. 

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