How to Market for a New Age of Consumers, Tenet #3


A core concept of marketing philosophy is to emotionally engage your target audience and make them feel that they need your product or service. But here is an important question to pose:

Does my business have something of real value to offer?

If you have an empty product or service, you SHOULD NOT be marketing it, plain and simple. It is your responsibility as an entrepreneur to reliably and accurately test your offering. Anything less is unethical.

Rather than limit your business, however, thorough testing can be your leverage point. In the right context, statistics, research, and testimonials do impress people. This is why many companies show “experiments” in their commercials, or have a person in a lab coat referencing data. Many of these commercials are misleading, and this is where they do damage – the stated value is not congruent with the actual value. And so people end up buying dubious medications, lackluster cleaning supplies, and ineffective weight loss pills.  By providing real value, and citing accurate research or honest testimonies, you plant seeds of trust that can only grow and grow. In the long-run, trust will be your marketing.

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