How to act like a baby and get ahead…

No, you can’t throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the office.  In fact, you still need to use big, important sounding words. So what’s this got to do with a baby, you ask? EVERYTHING.

Babies observe.

Right about at the low point of your work, you might begin asking your yourself, “What the heck is going on here?” Time to think like a baby. Start following your nose. Close your mouth and start seeing what’s going on.

Often things get worse before they get better. I have a nose for what stinks and I love to observe people. Observing like a wide-eyed infant provides an early warning system for you to see earlier than most what’s coming down the pipe.

Babies communicate.

Make a noise, cry out ‘Aha!’, let someone know what you see and ask if they see the same thing. Babies are excellent signalers (my 20 pound cat is as well).

Babies respond instantly.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to act. When you see what’s not working, do something about it!

Many executives are in their roles because of their strategic thinking, broad perspective, and uncanny ability to predict disasters right before they strike. Act like a baby to take small actions now that can lead to big, culture-changing results later.

Now if we could only get more people to act like babies!

“See as a child sees—the joy, the wonder, the hope.”

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