Do this and you'll change your results immediately…

I was reminded by a client recently of the importance of context in communication. What precedes your communication (the context) can affect whether people hear you in a positive or negative light. Context can be anything: facial expressions, how you approach that person, whether you're in a quite park or at a busy conference, your mood, their mood, etc.

Whenever my clients are struggling with producing results on their team, I take them back to the cause. How are you setting yourself and your team mate up for success in this situation? What's your context?

If you want to change the effect, change the cause.

This usually elicits a few introspective moments about what can be done in addition to delivering the message. If you want to change the effect, change the cause. And be more nuanced than just changing what you say—change how you say it, the context it lands in, and you'll change your listener and the result.

This is validated by all kinds of scientific research. One study that came across my desk today talks about how your brain will change the connectivity of a brain cell directly in response to learning. That means if you're learning something, your brain is changing your physical makeup to allow that change to happen more easily. How can you make your team's learning easier by adjusting their context? What communication can you deliver that would make a difference?

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