The Power of the Pause

I had a great meeting with a prospective client today that reminded me of the power of the 'pause'.

"Off with her head!"

"Off with her head!"

If you haven't heard of this yet, think about it next time you get one of those emails that just throws you off the deep end. Then your boss walks up.

At this moment, you have two choices. "Off with her head!" your inner Queen of Hearts screams in your mind…

Or you can pause.…

Remember that your mind can't switch back and forth like a TV channel. When you look up from your monitor, you're still effusing all of that emotional energy wrapped up in the email. Your boss probably doesn't like the look you're giving her.

Most of our lost productivity is in our inability to shift contexts as fast as our environment is asking us to. This reaction to the environment, rather than intentional, proactive attention, is what causes big mistakes to be made.

And to the point of my last post, if you want to change the result, change your cause.

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