Success is Not Just About You

You know how sometimes you're relying on someone else (or yourself)  to do something and then they flake (or you mess it up)? This particularly gets under my skin when it involves food. There's nothing worse than forgetting to buy eggs the night before. I can be a sorry sight staring into the empty refrigerator door wondering what I'm going to do for breakfast.

It's easy to get angry and frustrated by this, but the fact is we all struggle with varying degrees of integrity and accountability. Sometimes we forget the eggs AND the bacon gets burned.

Personal power makes a difference for everyone around you

It takes a team

Making a stand for yourself is not just about you. You change the world around you by setting an example, and you change your own life when you observe yourself following through with your goals and dreams. This can be scary. What if you fail? What if something gets in your way? What if you get hurt?

Think of the alternative, If you were to walk around life afraid to take a risk and shy away from making a stand for yourself, and what you believe in, it's hard to ask others to do the same. In fact, you're liable to begin to talk yourself out of your greatest passion just before your greatest success. After all most people give up when they are the closest to their biggest win.

Your integrity and alignment with your true desires, combined with your dedication to pursuing them to the ends of the earth are a reflection of your power. Are you willing to do what it takes to see your dreams come true, and thereby help others do the same? Or are you afraid to stand up to what you really want?

Failure to perform is an opportunity to improve

Hold yourself with compassion but be real with yourself. Pull your power back inside. Feel it in your body. Power isn’t just in your mind. When you step away from your power, or go against your word, you can truly feel it. You either did what you said you would do, or you didn't. The person you were relying on either pulled through, or chose another road and flaked. Did you hold that person accountable? Do you hold yourself accountable? The bottom line is it feels good to be accountable.

If this happens to you, and you flake out,  recognize your failure not as chronic but temporary, and make a new promise. If it's someone else, make a request. It all starts with accountability and the desire to evolve and grow.

Now think about those eggs. Even if you have to walk back to the store and buy them in the morning, it’s worth it. You’ve stayed true to your word, and everyone loves a good omelette.

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