Contest Announcement: What is YOUR Relationship with Technology?

Join us for our next webinar "What is the Right Relationship with Technology?"

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Technology continues to consume more of our attention. Besides the ever-present computer screen at work, some of us wake up with screens, or fall asleep with screens as well. What impact is this having on us as a social being?

This tidal wave of information from our devices continues to challenge us in ways previously unimagined. Too much information drowns us. We begin to miss important details that seem obvious to others, or worse we drown in a puddle of perceived inadequacy at our own inability to manage the load.

We believe there is a code or set of behaviors that creates an empowered relationship to technology, that which has us maintain what is most important about being human, while also benefiting from the access to information that creates our modern conveniences, or sustains our livelihood.

By discovering this ‘code’, we can fully embrace the advances of our new technology without fear of losing integral aspects of what makes us human.

We will explore these concepts in our next webinar "What is the Right Relationship with Technology?"

I’d like to invite you to join us a live for this casual conversation.

We want to hear your perspectives on how the world is changing as a result of our relationship with technology , and your strategies for living in right relationship with it.

But here's the catch…you have to submit your ideas by commenting on our Facebook wall by next Tuesday April 8th to qualify. We will choose up to four people to join us live for the conversation with our panelists.