Power + Authenticity = Accountability

I've been working on a new formula.

No, not like a baby formula for grown-ups (although there's more and more talk of babies around my household recently)! That would be a protein shake. Add blueberries, they're good for you.

By formula I mean, something easy to remember that adds a valuable tool to your leadership toolkit.

As always, I get the best inspirations from the people I know the best—my coaching clients!

Here's the draft version:

Power + Authenticity = Accountability

By power, I mean personal power—the power of your word, the power of your results, the power of your impact on others.

By authenticity, I mean truth—are you being who you really are?

By accountability, I mean being responsible for producing powerful results in alignment with purpose.

I know, that's a bit of a jump, but in the next few posts, I'll go into more detail on the dynamics of this formula—how it's constructed, how it works in various contexts, and what it means for today's dynamic, innovative leaders.

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