How to Feel your Authentic Self

Authenticity is the compass that keeps us on that narrow edge we so raucously trapeze across in this beautiful dance called life. We can't necessarily see what the compass says, but it is something we can learn to feel.

You can start sensing this by looking into another person's eyes. Can you see if they are living the life they are meant to live, or if they're escaping from some fear wedged between their true Self and what they're currently expressing? What story do their eyes tell? Is it one of Wisdom and Compassion? Fear, Struggle, or Pain? Or is it Pleasure, Happiness, and Joy? Maybe it depends on when you look!

Similarly, you can imagine the story your own eyes tell. Sensing what you need in every moment and making the effort to move towards that need aligns you with your authentic self.


One of the sources of my greatest confidence is the faith that when I take the time to examine myself, and bring my current state closer to how I want to feel with my choices and actions, beautiful things erupt. The results are not always easy or painless, but they are exactly what I'm looking for.

Also, authenticity is a community effort. Who I 'am' and whether that is authentic is informed by my context and the people around me—even if I say I eat gluten-free foods, you'd find it odd if I was walking around in a bread factory or shopping for donuts with my friend.

To really 'pull off' authenticity, we must constantly be attentive to our internal thoughts and our external circumstances, AND make the effort to true them up with our authentic desires. If success is the result of causes and conditions that we have  control over, setting those up to bring out our authentic expression gets us closer than you might think.

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