You are what you think

I may have multiple personalities.

Yes, it's true—I'm an entirely different person out on the dance floor or rolling on the ground playing with a child than when you see me in a business meeting. In fact, I've considered taking on a plural pronoun to explore this more deeply. 

I think I even know WHY I'm different.

Context and Communication

I'm playing into a certain context or role that I think you expect of me. You know, what I think you think I think about it.

What if I started questioning what I think you think about me? And what happens when I push the boundaries of what I think you think?


As I imagine you would feel too. But's that just what I think you think.

I Think, You Think

We like to fulfill people's expectations of us, what I call 'I think you think'. The PROBLEM is, they're usually exhausting, confining, and inauthentic representations of the real thing. Who really created those weird, inhumane expectations in the first place? 

I say inhumane, because, as you remember, we humans actually strive to live in a certain way. We call it by many names—success, retirement, heaven on Earth, and yet many people have no idea what it looks like at all. I feel for what I think you think about it.


I say we call this way-of-living-which-we-strive-for 'NOW', and refuse to WAIT for it to COME. I invite you to COME back to WAIT in the NOW, in this moment which we're all co-creating. Maybe it will bring some semblance of control over our work, our day, our lives.

Once I center on the NOW, I have a lot more CHOICE over what I think, because I'm paying attention to it. I like to choose bright, happy, successful, motivating thoughts by the way.

By setting up the causes of our success before moving on to the next moment, we can realize success—within ourselves, our team, and our organization NOW.

So next time I think you think happens, pause and consider how what 'I think' creates what 'you think', and choose something positive.

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