The end of retail space?

I just biked by two houses that look like any other houses in our neighborhood: a well-worn driveway, a yard that's seen better days, a location between the post office and the drycleaners. You would pass by these houses every day on your way to work. Yet, they a are distinctly different in that each one had a small business running out of it. 

Insight #1: It's impressive that I even know that based on a quick look. Their signage was innovative and eye-catching without being obnoxious. I mean, the number of dogs walking their owners around the neighborhood alone would be cause for pause and serious reflection on how to pull that off without garnering complaints from your neighbors.

Insight #2: In addition to saving on rent, these businesses are earning some serious tax benefits, creating a more sustainable enterprise. Small business America rules!

So, these observations made me think—is this the end of the retail space? Will small business spaces merge with home with their owner's home space in the new paradigm? Will your customers become the dog walkers in your neighborhood rather than your Facebook fans?

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