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Communication and curiosity go hand in

Have you ever been in an argument with your partner or 'special friend'? Me too…

There can be so much love and frustration in one conversation. Where does the frustration come from?

What I'm trying to say is…

I believe that we get frustrated most in a conversation when we're trying to convey a point and is just not landing with the other person. In this sense, communication and curiosity can compliment each other in a conversation.

Frustratingly, we often don't get accurate feedback on our communication. I've decided that this is mostly our own fault. I can remember times when listening to another person, they were so set on their point there wasn't much room to offer another perspective. I know I've been that knowledgeable, passionate speaker before as well, but truth be told a passionate speaker doesn't make a logical one, or even a common sense one.

Curiosity did NOT kill the cat

In communication, curiosity never killed that cat. In fact, asking questions to check for understanding is one of the best things you can do to avoid miscommunication. Why don't more of us do it? Is it that we afraid our message didn't land perfectly? Does it ever?

Where have you let your passion get in the way of a good source of feedback?

Now, add a computer

And if communication in real-time, synchronous communication is so complicated, imagine the conundrum when we throw a device in the middle and introduce an unknown time between when the message is sent and received (asynchronous) This is called Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC).

CMC is still largely misunderstood, not only due to the lack of research around the topic, but because it's hard to identify and isolate the factors that make or break an asynchronous communication.

As a great friend often says, there is more to be revealed.

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