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How to Market for a New Age of Consumers, Tenet #2


This may not apply to every business, yet should be a general principle that you may want to refer to every time you create a new product or service. Some companies bank on the idea of chaining customers to something they may not need long-term (e.g. some pharmaceuticals). Other companies try to get people addicted (e.g. using MSG and other chemicals in fast food). Their advertisements reinforce these strategies. Business should not be about enslaving people. 

One of the greatest kinds of value you can give someone (or, rather, help them achieve) is self-empowerment. Providing a prosthetic limb to a soldier who's lost her leg is empowering. Giving therapy or a drug to temporarily help a widow overcome depression is empowering. Creating healthy and affordable fast food for busy people is empowering. Just as your business should align with an empowerment paradigm, so should your marketing. There are many psychological maneuvers used to suck people in, and they typically instill the thought "You need us! How can you live a good, happy life without us?" Is it any wonder we live in such a consumerist, materialistic society? 

When you market, be honest, express the real benefits your product or service offers, and don't sell life-support. Sell value. 

Imagine a world where people think for themselves, where communities support each other, where progress and harmony direct money, and where we try to build each other up rather than tear each other down. Does your business, and your marketing of it, align with this vision, or opt instead for a broken and slowly dying system? 

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