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Power + Authenticity = Accountability

I've been working on a new formula.

No, not like a baby formula for grown-ups (although there's more and more talk of babies around my household recently)! That would be a protein shake. Add blueberries, they're good for you.

By formula I mean, something easy to remember that adds a valuable tool to your leadership toolkit.

As always, I get the best inspirations from the people I know the best—my coaching clients!

Here's the draft version:

Power + Authenticity = Accountability

By power, I mean personal power—the power of your word, the power of your results, the power of your impact on others.

By authenticity, I mean truth—are you being who you really are?

By accountability, I mean being responsible for producing powerful results in alignment with purpose.

I know, that's a bit of a jump, but in the next few posts, I'll go into more detail on the dynamics of this formula—how it's constructed, how it works in various contexts, and what it means for today's dynamic, innovative leaders.

Comment below to let me know what you think!

From Portland to Shanghai

Gazebo in Yu Yuan

As I open my eyes to what’s possible since adopting our company’s mission to ‘create teams that thrive’, particularly in cross-cultural environments, I see the important integration of old Chinese traditions (Confuciunism, Utilitarianism, “For the greater good”, etc.) with Portland-style living (accountability, sustainability, social good).

I see that as I’ve become more integrated into the Asian community of Portland, I’m reminded of how deep traditions can go, and the power of tradition as it survives—even a transoceanic journey.

We can find similar elements of Chinese culture show up in Seattle or London as we would in Beijing or Shanghai. The ‘distance’ between these cities is decreasing. Portland will soon need to respond to this opportunity, and this is an exciting time to become a part of this expansion.

Portland is the West Coast’s fourth largest freight gateway for international trade. Will the deeply humanistic, family-oriented traditions of China translate to the needs of a modern regional trading hub?

The future is simple, though at times we perceive it as complicated. Community is something that is understood internationally. Thus, this is a magical time to harness the potential of global community for our internationalized future. Let’s get ready together!

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What makes a leader?

Call me a dork, but I love researching noteworthy leadership information that I can translate to the lay person in a meaningful, actionable way.

My recent search, however, raised more questions than it answered. I guess that's appropriate since leadership as a research topic only became popular about 40 years ago. There are still many unanswered questions about what leadership is (i.e. a set of actions, an innate trait, and mental perspective?) and what it affects (i.e. role, influence, productivity, etc.)

What do you think makes a leader?

One of the most important questions, I feel, in the leadership research is the impact of emotional intelligence on the performance of leaders. We were just beginning to the ask this sort of question seriously about 15 years ago (Brown et al. 2005, Boyatzis et al. 2002). Now whole research teams are organized to answer the question of how emotion plays a part in our leadership performance (see Richard Boyatzis' work as an example).

The inquiry is drawing interesting connections, baffling synchronicities, and uncovering the hidden patterns that communicate 'leader'.

What do you think makes a good leader? And what traits do you think a powerful and effective leader should have? Inquiring minds want to know, please leave your comments below or share with me on LinkedIn.

Matthew Koren is a team management and leadership consultant and executive coach based out of Portland, OR. To learn more and receive great, useful content each month, sign up for my email list here.


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