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What kids can teach us…

Kids say the darnedest things, like "Is putting flowers in one shoe against the law?" or "I bet this hot dog is full of MSG and GMOs. I'm gonna get fat." I certainly wouldn't piece together the puzzle of this world we live in and come up with THAT!  

I see a Portlandia episode coming up… 

I swear, kids see possibility everywhere. Nothing is too fantastic for them. Where do they get this stuff? Where does all this creativity come from?


When I look inside my brain at what I think is possible, I'm always surprised. I can be fairly cynical. I'm often shooting down big ideas, changing my plans ever so slightly so as to avoid a big mistake (or a big win), or outright assuming certain things won't happen!

I think I had more creativity back when I was a kid, back when more was possible rather than impossible.

How many times have you hesitated to think big, and then kicked yourself in the butt later for not going for it? Where are you holding yourself back? 

Reflect on this: Write out those areas where you're holding back. What would need to be extant for you to step into your power? Think back to when you were a kid. What would your kid-self do? 

Maybe you were on to something…

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