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How to Market for a New Age of Consumers

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

There are so many ways to advertise today. TV has grown less important, from a marketing perspective, with more people able to fast forward or use Netflix, but Internet advertising has skyrocketed. Now, there are intelligent features built into websites that market to you based on your preferences. With such a saturation of ads, the need for a responsible marketing approach is vital.

Marketing strategies take advantage of psychological principles to influence people’s behavior. With ad saturation and tough competition, it makes sense for a company to do anything it can to stand out. However, people are getting frustrated. A 2012 Pew Survey revealed that 68% of people dislike online targeted ads. And so many ads are deceptive and purely manipulative, selling dubious products and services. There’s been a trend for marketers to disingenuously recruit celebrities, cite poorly conducted or fake research, and offer extravagant claims.

Check out this list of deceptive ads, and the companies who were sued as a result:

Clearly, the marketing paradigm begs for renovation. We live in a society becoming increasingly disillusioned, a society that has witnessed so much corporate apathy, most prominently exemplified in the Mortgage & Loan Crisis. The people yearn for honest business practices and a sense of connection and understanding.

In the next three posts, we will explore a few ways to market for a New Age. Stay tuned to find out what they are.

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