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3 Ways to Have Fun and Be Productive

Have fun

Summertime for me is about having fun and reconnecting with my sense of play and wonder in the universe. I like to have highly structure 'work' time abut my totally unstructured, unplanned 'play' time to keep my creative juices flowing.

And Be Productive

Here are three ways to have fun AND be productive this Summer:

  1. Add a 'play' break to your calendar and stop working when the time comes. Sit and think about what you'd do if you were your 5-year-old self and have 30 or 60 minutes to do whatever. How would you spend your time? Go do it!
  2. Stuck on a problem? The shower's not the only place where inspiration can strike! Pull out a blank sheet of paper, some crayons or colored pencils/markers and start drawing your 'problem' and potential solutions. Don't be afraid to doodle while you're thinking, it's OK to give your mind a break from focused problem solving. Sometimes, that's where the breakthroughs lie…
  3. 4 Words: Conference call exercise routine. If you're feeling antsy while on a conference call, and you're imagining the warm wind that hits your face as the breeze blows through the trees outside, then GET UP! Start moving around. Do some push-ups or twist and turn your joints—ankles, knees and toes count too! Do me a favor: make sure you're on mute first!

Have some fun this Summer and watch your energy level rise as you free up your mind with playful distractions that actually make you more productive. What's your favorite way to play at work?


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