The Mindful Leader™ Program Overview

World of Communication

World of Communication

Clients participate in our development program to improve and cultivate the emotional and organizational skills to be a true leader. We create leaders that people look to for inspiration in order to keep employee loyalty and in turn, build advanced team members for each company.

As a result of this process, you will:

  • Demonstrate your love for what you do and have work/life balance
  • Increase your capacity to organize others around a compelling vision
  • Develop clear prioritization guidelines for faster decision-making and more effective time management
  • Greatly increase the time and space you have to unleash your powerful, creative forces
  • Increase trust in yourself, your leadership, and among your team
  • Develop actionable personal and professional goals and achieve them

Also, you will:

  • Determine who on your team fits the corporate culture you want to cultivate.
  • Discern who on your team has the proper knowledge, skills and attitudes to fulfill on their responsibilities to the business and your strategic goals
  • Increase retention of your team members and talent
  • Determine the resilience, longevity, and values of your team members
  • Improve staff performance and raise commitment to the organization's long-term vision
  • Find that people who love what they do, do great work as a result

This is an active process of practice, feedback, and reflection. By taking action and making small changes to your behaviors and communication, we can measure the success of your program. You will learn and develop as you work in real time, day to day, yielding measurable results.

Matthew will be your guide every step of the way, working with you to continually measure and grow your success, dedicated to seeing you flourish and more importantly, being the awesome leader you were meant to be.

Contact Matthew Koren at to learn more, or schedule a meeting here.

In addition to The Mindful Leader program, we also provide:

  • executive coaching
  • team and board facilitation

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