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About Reed Alumni Connect

Reed Alumni Connect is an initiative of the Life Beyond Reed (LBR) Committee of the Reed Alumni Board.

The Reed Alumni Connect (RAC) initiative develops relationships between newly minted alumni (recently graduated seniors) and the larger alumni community by providing an early welcome into the community of Reed alumni. Annually, RAC ambassadors welcome new grads into the community through simple telephone conversations over the course of the Summer after graduation.



Do you want to spread the Reed love? 

Yes, you do. That's what brought you here, right? We know your smiling face can communicate warm, fuzzy feelings through the phone so that our newly graduated, and possibly a little freaked out seniors know that they're not alone. 

We are here. One phone call away. The brilliant, connected, doing-interesting-things, living-interesting-lives Reed alumni community. 

You've been invited to this page to start a simple conversation with a small group of newly graduated alumni: "Hi! My name is _______, Reed Class of ‘XX. I am calling to congratulate you on your graduation and welcome you to the Reed alumni community." 

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By creating the opportunity for these conversations, RAC’s mission is to increase access to information, opportunities, and mentorship by introducing alumni to each other, one phone call at a time.
An early welcome lays the groundwork for successful engagement that strengthens the alumni community and helps young alumni establish themselves personally and professionally.

By joining RAC as an Ambassador, you're committing to:calling 10-15 students and introducing yourself (about 3-4 hours of phone time) in late July/early August…that's it! This is not a mentorship program, although you can continue your conversations if you'd like. This is not a fundraising campaign, not our mission. This is an opportunity to make positive connections—the currency of any healthy, thriving community. Help us build a thriving Reed alumni community by becoming an ambassador today!

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If you have questions, contact: 

Alumnus Champion—Matthew Koren ’07 | 503.415.9533 
Staff Champion—Todd Hess | 503.777.7589
LBR Board Chair—Jeremy Stone '99 | 917.846.7619