We help executives build and manage culturally and organizationally diverse teams to achieve high-performing results.

Acting as a functionally integrated member of your team, we develop collaborative systems and processes that enable cross-functional teams to achieve business goals and objectives with ease.

We help transform team culture, removing blockages to collaboration and reactivating team alignment, mutual trust, and passion for the work. We offer coaching and leadership development to unleash individual potential to take on higher levels of responsibility and effectively engage other team members. 

We provide:

  • Strategic HR Consulting

  • Learning and Development

    • Curriculum Development

    • Instructional Design

    • Workshop/Meeting Facilitation

    • Training Delivery

  • Strategy

    • Strategic Planning

    • Organizational Design

    • Innovation Frameworks

Recent/Relevant Projects:

  • Managed a distributed, culturally-diverse project team producing a MOOC projected to reach millions of users. We mediated vendor and stakeholder communications to ensure product was produced on budget and on spec.

  • Facilitated a team retreat for an innovation business unit based in Belgium to build better, more productive and collaborative relationships both internally and cross-departmentally. We provided the one-on-one executive coaching within the multiple day facilitation and for four months afterward. This improved adoption of the culture change and ensured team members received the individual support they needed.

  • Please download our more extensive consultant's resume here.

Differentiators of Kong Ren Consulting:

  • Experienced consultants and business executives—We know how to design and execute strategy. Our associates speak at international MBA programs as guest lecturers.

  • Over 6 years of coaching (1000+ hours ‘in the chair’) and leadership development experience with demonstrated, quantifiable results.

  • Communication in intermediate Chinese with experience living and traveling all over the Asia-Pacific region. We can represent you on the ground there.

  • We work to strengthen the team, not fix the team—Our work is strengths-based and focused on positive outcomes.



We wouldn’t have been able to achieve our results as fast, efficiently, or with as much impact without the coaching relationship.
— Jeffrey Sens, Co-founder, Pixel Arts
Thanks to Matthew’s support I have made the organization I founded 6 years ago into an organized and accountable international entity.
— Andrew Raphael, Founder, Konojel
I have the best location in town, and I got it because of my business plan.  They said it was the best they have ever seen.  I have you to thank for that, so please know how grateful I am for the help I received from you.
— - Shelley Holland